EBF Focus

EBF - Trainingday:

Critical Reagents for LBA

EBF - Focus Workshop:

New Modalities and Novel Concepts in Bioanalysis
The Altis Grand Hotel
Lisbon, Portugal
14 May 2018
- Training day
15-16 May 2018
- Focus Workshop


THE TRAINING DAY – Critical reagents for Ligand Binding Assays
The importance of scientific management of Critical Reagents (CR) for Ligand Binding assays has been discussed in the EBF community for many years. We only see the importance growing. A more recent additional point of attention is to ensure an appropriate balance between the regulatory expectations and the necessary scientific rigour and freedom in assay life cycle management.

In this training day, the EBF wants to share a consolidated industry view on CR for both PK and immunogenicity assay, in support of harmonized practice. To ensure a global perspective, we are pleased to organize this training day in collaboration with the AAPS LBABFG.

The training day is intended for scientist from industry, academia and regulators involved in Ligand Binding Assays in the broad context of drug development.


THE FOCUS WORKSHOP – New Modalities and Novel Concepts in Bioanalysis
Our first Focus Workshop (FW) of 2018 is dedicated to science. This theme, where we want to share how we bring new ideas into practices, is very broad. We made a strong selection of the cutting-edge science we apply on a daily basis. 

The aim of the FW is to share our experience of how we (need to) grow as a community to add value in a new Pharma R&D reality. Deliver high-quality data/advice using cutting edge technology or processes adding value in a rapidly changing and more global drug R&D environment; new disease areas, changing portfolios, availability of more and more complex (hyphenated) technologies, increased stakeholder interactions, changing regulatory expectations… the bioanalytical scientist needs to excel every day.

At the workshop, we want to engage with all delegates and come to a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges related to 3 novel areas:

  1. Challenges of and advancements in Bioanalysis of (oligo)nucleotides and related molecules
  2. New analytical challenges for Immunogenicity testing (LC-MS assays for ADA analysis, need for immunogenicity testing for peptides or bispecific Abs, ADCs…)
  3. Impact of novel formulations for bioanalysis (liposomal formulations, nanoparticles, pro-drugs, other special delivery devices…)

You are invited to submit an abstract on your oral contribution to before February 15th, 2018. For detailed instructions, click on tab SPEAKERS